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SGCPU - Second Generation CPU Card

  • First Edition: 1996
  • Displaces the Console into the Peripheral Expansion Box
  • Keyboard inferface for MF2-keyboards (AT) with hardware reset and load interrupt
  • Joystick and original keyboard over an adapter supported
  • Optional cassette interface planned.
  • Memory expansion of 32 KBytes onboard.
  • Super-AMS up to 1024 KB is possible
  • All of the memory expansion is on a 16-bit Bus.
  • Support for further 16-bit peripherals is planned.
  • Optional: Support for single-step mode in the TI-Debugger,
  • load-interrupt is synchronized (only 1 pulse)
  • HSGPL and EVPC(2) must be used with the SGCPU as TI99/a is absolutely necessary!
sgcpu_en.pdf     en Complete description of the SGCPU
phc-d25.pdf     - Connection diagram for the Joystick / Cassette interface for the SGCPU (only CS1) v0.09 2004-11-13 - Better ROM0 for the SGCPU and GROM0 for HSGPL:
- Starting of EasyBug in GROM0 via Load-Interrupt or XOP 0
- The keys F11 and F12 of the MF2-Interface are supported
- Errors in the Interrupt-Routine removed.
Eprom programmer required!
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